CDL Präzisionstechnik GmbH
Series production
The collaboration starts as early as during the design stage. CDL offers a detailed consultation regarding the design and the company’s proposals aim at simplifications, standardisations, and process capabilities of future treatments. Each computer-assisted design is run through the three-dimensional simulation program. Experienced design engineers tailor the clamping concept to the functional, casting and production requirements. Successful and failure-free simulations of machining processes are further preconditions for the subsequent production of the parts.
Case study
Prototyping 3D Printed Casting Mould
The client had 150 Machines with a defective component in the field and did not have CAD files or spare parts backup. The challenge:
We created a 3D Printed Casting mould and machined it on our Prototyping machine. Our solution:
We produced 150 parts out of the original material within 5 working days including CAD file, casting and machining. Result:
Case study 2
Machining Fuel Cell
A client in the machining sector had spent weeks trying to get the machining of the Fuel Cell done. They only had a few dates until the production deadline and asked us for help. The challenge:
We asked for the CAD files, Clamping devices and special tools. We programmed and machined the complete order of parts over the weekend. Our solution:
We produced the CAM Programme, finished machining and quality checked the parts over the weekend. The client received the entire order on Monday and was able to meet their deadline. Result:
Case study 3
Cost Optimisation
A client in the agricultural engineering sector came to us and asked us help help cost-optimize their agriculture machine. The challenge:
We recreated a casted part, and combined it to welded constructions. Our solution:
We produced a casted part via one 5 Axis machining operation which then resulted in a 18% price reduction for our customer. Result: