CDL Präzisionstechnik GmbH
CDL uses modern machine tools working with sophisticated computer programs to convert 3D CAD files and raw materials into finished parts within hours, ideally for short lead times and getting parts to market quickly. The team also offers assistance on design development and best machining practices, as well as advice on design modifications or production techniques which could help reduce production costs without compromising your original specifications.
Case study
Prototyping 3D Printed Casting Mould
The client had 150 Machines with a defective component in the field and did not have CAD files or spare parts backup. The challenge:
We created a 3D Printed Casting mould and machined it on our Prototyping machine. Our solution:
We produced 150 parts out of the original material within 5 working days including CAD file, casting and machining. Result:
Case study 2
Machining Fuel Cell
A client in the machining sector had spent weeks trying to get the machining of the Fuel Cell done. They only had a few dates until the production deadline and asked us for help. The challenge:
We asked for the CAD files, Clamping devices and special tools. We programmed and machined the complete order of parts over the weekend. Our solution:
We produced the CAM Programme, finished machining and quality checked the parts over the weekend. The client received the entire order on Monday and was able to meet their deadline. Result:
Case study 3
Cost Optimisation
A client in the agricultural engineering sector came to us and asked us help help cost-optimize their agriculture machine. The challenge:
We recreated a casted part, and combined it to welded constructions. Our solution:
We produced a casted part via one 5 Axis machining operation which then resulted in a 18% price reduction for our customer. Result: